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In relation to this movie, read this message.

Capitalists and Other Psychopaths (NY Times)
There is an ongoing debate in this country about the rich: who they are, what their social role may be, whether they are good or bad. Well, consider the following. A 2010 study found that 4 percent of a sample of corporate managers met a clinical threshold for being labeled psychopaths, compared with 1 percent for the population at large. (more)

The psycho - or snake - energy is not from this planet (a long and complex story). It (L) was invited to break and 'eat' (see the human in the AR sign) man almost into programmed sleeping robots like the Matrix movie points out. Almost, because we are waking up to our true and Divine state of being. Infinite Love, will finally give us the experience to what that energy is capable of.

But not only open your heart, try this one for your mind...


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