David Icke is Spot On

David Icke speaks about reality being an illusion. An illusion that we can enjoy or an illusion that can control us. We have ultimately forgotten that we are the dream and the dreamer. And the dream has taken over, making us believe that we are apart and not whole. We have been trapped in an illusion of division.

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it...
as he who helps to perpetrate it. - M.L. King Jr.



The evolution of faith, 
usually spanning millions of years, typically looks like this:

Not believing in "the Universe."

Believing in "the Universe," but secretly doubting it, too.

Fearing "the Universe," but secretly loving it, too.

Loving "the Universe," but secretly fearing it, too.

Realizing that "the Universe" was you, all along.

Yours truly, 
The Universe (TUT.com)

Twenty Minutes With David Icke:


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