Odyssey Dawn and the attack on Libya

Humanity Awakens
Humanity Awakens
How strange... to use Homer's Odyssey as a codename for this brute action to intervene in Libya.

The Odyssey begins ten years after the end of the ten-year Trojan War, and Odysseus has still not returned home from the war (wikipedia).

What happened 10 years ago? Could The Modern Trojan Horse be the NEWCONOMY and everything related to data=information=internet? Does 911 (orchestrated in 2001) has anything to do with it?

What happens now on March 19 2011? Why call this 'intervention' Odyssey Dawn? Under the false flag of 'us' 'princes on white horses' of the 'free' World, thinking it is legitimate to just bomb another nation. Just like the sixties in Vietnam... Just become aware...
'What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?' - M. Gandhi
What right do we - the western politicians, the western democracy - have to just enter and attack a sovereign nation? Does violence not provoke more violence? Haven't we seen this in Iraq? Under the FALSE FLAG of Weapons of Mass Destruction? Have you been in Libya these weeks to know what really happened there? Do you believe what Main Stream Media tells us?

Wouldn't this be another move in the chessgame of those who still think they can use their power OVER people? There is always an alternative, there is always a choice.

First listen to Monetary Slavery & John Perkins - Confessions of an EHM - where he explaines how the US uses its power for geo-political reasons.

Zeitgeist Addendum Part 4/13

When a country obtains great power,
it becomes like the sea:
all streams run downward into it.
The more powerful it grows,
the greater the need for humility.
Humility means trusting the Tao,
thus never needing to be defensive.

A great nation is like a great man:
When he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
Having realized it, he admits it.
Having admitted it, he corrects it.
He considers those who point out his faults
as his most benevolent teachers.
He thinks of his enemy
as the shadow that he himself casts.

If a nation is centered in the Tao,
if it nourishes its own people
and doesn't meddle in the affairs of others,
it will be a light to all nations in the world. - Tao Te Ching

Listen to RUSSIA TODAY for more perspectives.

Found this on youtube - 15/3/2012

(FinalCall.com) - Minister Farrakhan exposed the U.S. and NATO's criminal War Libya and Africa during a June 15, 2011 Press Conference at the UN Plaza Hotel. Also presenting were former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Human Rights Activist Viola Plummer and International Actitivst Cynthia McKinney. Listen to this conference, where Farrakhan clearly gives a much more honest, but bold point of view. See through the religious rhetoric. On a deeper level: there are no villains nor victims, there is just consciousness.

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