Stone, Icke, Igan & Eckhart Tolle

PART 1 Sasha Stone:

PART 2 (behind the scenes) David Icke:

Listen to Lieutenant General Wesley Clark where David Icke speaks about.

5 minutes about 911
This is an amazing piece of work that should be shown on every channel on every TV station in every country. Not even 5mins long and blows the official theory out the water. Excellent vid. (source)
More information.

The War is Over - if You Want it
so get Informed and Empowered

The Truth about Propaganda

About Syria

About Libya: This week there is a big international debate that centers around good and bad. Is it good that NATO is supporting rebel forces in Libya against a dictator of 40 years or is it bad that the Middle East will be further destabilized with radicals and divided governments engaged in lawless civil war?

Let’s look at these antithetical notions of good and bad. In our personal lives what we consider meaningful is “good” and that which threatens or breaks down what we consider “good” is what we call “bad”. This seems obvious and self-evident. But what has not been called into question is thinking. - Eckhart Tolle

PART 4 - Max Igan


(...) The labels of “good" and “bad” always limit perspective and thus can only be what are called relative truths. Thus it may be true that it is time for the Libyan dictator to go, but he also may be replaced with a draconian government just as the French Revolution brought Napoleon and the guillotine. Eventually over hundreds of years the French worked it out and now they are the first to attack Libyan forces in the current new conflict.

The real truth is that if you wanted to trace back the ultimate cause of any real time world event you would have to all the way back to the singularity of the Big Bang – the Crown of Creation. There you would find that the cosmos is not random and meaningless. In fact, the very word cosmos means order.
- Eckhart Tolle


- Listen carefully -

MAX IGANS latest release on 14/4/2012: Trance-Formation

David Wilcock shares his latest insights - which is real news & investigation.

'First we have to find these pieces -- which I have been locating and collecting for more than 30 years now. Then we have to sort through them, put the very best of them together, and explore what we've got. If we do this thoroughly enough, we can fix all the mistakes and wrong turns we have made in science -- for the last 400 years.' - D. Wilcock

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