NOW is the Time to Join Hands

"Now is the time to join hands. Now is the time to realize that we must all stand as one, go forward and do what we have to do. This isn't about fighting; this isn't about war. That's not the way to do it. This is about LOVE, JOY, FREEDOM and TRUTH; those things were taken away from you very cautiously and quietly so you wouldn't notice or understand what was happening. All the while the manipulation has been building up, misleading you, changing your choices bit by bit every day.

If you will notice: the HUMANE race got thwarted and became the HUMAN race around what you now consider the end of the sixties. LOVE reigned at that time, in all its beautiful forms, and it was locked down. Then let's go to the eighties, where near the end of that period and definitely by the beginning of the nineties your JOY was taken away from you ever so silently and replaced by its conditional counterpart, similar to what happened with LOVE. Moving on to 2001, of course on that well-known date of 9/11, your FREEDOM was taken and Earth slowly but surely -and even not truly so slowly really- became a prison the bars of which cannot be seen but definitely are being felt. Now, in a few years time, in the period between 2009 to 2012, the final attempt on your HUMANENESS is about to be made as your last weapon - i.e. the truth - is being removed.

This time, however, we will be ready. And with effort on your part, so will you. This time, we take back what is rightfully ours. Truth, the final ingredient of the Earth's lockdown attempt by its oppressors, will prevail. Its return to this planet cannot be stopped because it is returning to your SOUL, your HEART - it is returning INSIDE but not within the mind or body, although both will be extremely affected and changed because of it. Inside, dear Imzaia, you are untouchable. Never let your truth be taken away from you, NEVER. If you don't, you will see LOVE, JOY, FREEDOM and TRUTH return to your life as never before. That is OUR timetable for 2009-2012 and it will occur. Together with you, we will make sure of that.

The same that is happening in your society today happened once, in Lemuria, before the ones existing within it broke free and turned it into the lands you now know of through the stories we tell you. Only this time, Imzaia, it is based on thought patterning; it is based on influencing YOU and most of humanity doesn’t even know it is happening.

The manipulation is almost undetectable, even to your scientists, because it is based on creating reactions before the actions have actually taken place. This means that your scientists, investigators, and whomever is truthfully seeking truth, are affected - or infected - since they live in the system of manipulation itself. It is being done to them as well; they too are taught to see the world in a way specifically designed to not let the biggest lie of all come to the surface: that the human race has been had, badly. The manipulation is also based on creating fear so you will ask to be governed. It is based on creating thought patterns within you that don’t even make you realize that you have other options, that you can go further, that you can choose the next path if the previous one isn’t to your liking.

All of you must stand up as one, for none of you can truly go it alone. Even though you understand that you are living in illusion and even though you know that there is only one Akene, one divinity, and even though you realize that you are the only observer of the quantum universe, you still must act within the illusion itself.

However, you must understand the illusion and stand above it. You must actually experience the illusion in all its completeness; it is the only way out. That is why preference was installed in your system because if you were to like one thing and not the other thing, you wouldn’t be able to escape the illusion. You would be right in it. If you like everything, however, and can accept the whole, then you can accept the whole for what it is, a matrix, and see that it is an illusion. "


Taken from Cosmic Manifest : The Power of Lava

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