Life is just a Dream

"Remember, always, that this is a beautiful game that we are playing here and co-creating together with our Infinite Creator. And that off stage (between lives), we are the very best of friends, and that no one really dies and no one really suffers, except in the game. The game is not reality. Reality is reality. And you have the power to express your reality within the game, once you have learnt how to do so." - Hidden Hand.

Reality and Illusion
In the field of pure consciousness, reality can be perceived as existing on three levels:

- Everything is real;
- Everything is illusion;
- Nothing is.

I find that I relate to reality from whichever level is most appropriate to the situation of the moment. When I'm at work, I use "Everything is real." When I'm at play I use "Everything is illusion." When I go deep inside I find "Nothing is." I'm aware of these levels all the time, and I find that the further I go the more they coexist simultaneously. This is my way of experiencing more fully all the manifold qualities of this amazing reality we have co-created.

Awareness and Love
However, there is more. My favourite quote from Nisargadatta is, "Love says 'I am everything'. Wisdom says 'I am nothing'. Between the two, my life flows." This points to the truth that Oneness flies on two wings, one composed of awareness (jnana) the other of love (bhakti). Only with both wings fully spread can the soul fly to freedom.

My practice these days consists of exploring the interpenetration of love and awareness in as many ways as possible:

Awareness for its own sake;
Love for its own sake;
Awareness of love;
Love of awareness;
Awareness within love;
Love within awareness;
Love and awareness as the same thing.

And finally, this all takes place within the four-fold manifestation of my divine humanity: body/mind/heart/spirit.

Let Paradox be your Parachute
The absolute is inherent in the relative. Whenever we catch a glimpse of the Absolute, we are looking on the face of God. When we see the Relative, we are looking on the face of Man. One of the most effective ways to see the "one" in the "two" (or in the many) is to embrace paradox wherever we find it. Awareness/Love, Reality/Illusion, Good/Evil, Action/Inaction, God/Man/Nature - all the dualities, distinctions and separations we know and love contain the seeds of their own unification. One way I find that seed is to hold one pole of the apparent duality in each hand, become aware that both exist in my life at the same time, and dive into the paradox that creates.

When viewed like this, all of life becomes a Zen koan - insoluble unless and until we surrender to the paradox.

Trust and Surrender
I find that the best pointer to the next step on the path is my own resistance and fear. When I move towards the fear I usually find I'm looking at a dualism of some sort - some inherent, intrinsic, irreconcilable contradiction. At that point, I invite myself to dive into the conflict. If I have enough trust to take that step off the edge, I usually find that I fall only for a moment, and then suddenly I discover myself floating in unity, as I always have been.

Awareness, love, trust and surrender are the keys to the door. The dance of Lila never ends, and its joys are infinite. - Source Paul Chefurka -

Hereby some elementary keys:

- Full investigation behind curtain
- Hidden Hand full text 4D perspectief
- Hidden Hand summary in Dutch
- RA teachings in Dutch
- Orion Groep ontmaskerd 5D perspectief

The key here is that 95% of the population (a rough personal estimate) doesn't even know they are manipulated and are living with the illusion that they are free, and free thinkers. Not true. The brilliance of the Illuminati manipulation and the mass mind control is that we don't know that we are under control. Therefore, we can still make choices in life as much as we want, but all choices are limited to the reality we live in. We can not make choices about something we don't know. Thus we can't develop spiritually until we understand that we are manipulated, and we must learn how the manipulation is set up, and by whom. When we finally realize that this reality (the 3rd dimension) is an illusion and a creation of our manipulators (and ultimately ourselves, as I will explain in more details later in this article), first then can we make choices that take us outside the prison walls. (source)

We do not seek to get out there with our knowledge. We just seek to touch hearts, because one thing we know for certain, my beloved Brothers and Sisters: if one of you goes all the way through ascension, then eventually all of you will.

There are some who have progressed greatly in the last few months on this path, and the path ahead seems longer still. I know it might appear in this mental matrix to take a lifetime. At the same time, once you break through you will notice (and that is the beauty of it) that all the ‘time’ that you experienced growing and breaking free didn’t happen at all!

I can tell you this: you will know when you are through with your journey, not because you break free and you are going to ascend and angels are going to surround you and harps will be played. You will know when you break free when all of a sudden you find yourself back at the very first moment that you ever heard that this reality around you wasn’t real. That is where you will end up.

Now is that crazy or what? Yet, that is how it works. 

All of reality and all things with it are basically a giant loop, and there are loops within loops within loops within loops. Some form the infinity path and others form the circular path and others even (because of all the loops being put on top of each other) form the linear path that has a beginning, a middle and an end.

At the end of your journey of breaking free you will find yourself at the very first minute of your journey, and that could take you back years into the past. At that moment, you will know that time isn’t real and you will know that you are ready to do your work for real. That is when your graduation day will have finally come.

-- KUTHUMI, 2008

Excerpted from RETURN TO INNOCENCE, recorded on February 26th 2008 during a lecture in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USAPlease take a look at this site. Wandering Wolf is the chief of the MAYAN population.

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