A Brand New Day with LOVE

Unknown to the public, planet earth is suffering from an 'energy war of frequency'. See your brain as a radio transmitter. From childhood until today, we've learned only lies about ourselves. The real truth has never been told. That's why you are on this page now, to find more that resonates with your inner wisdom.

The energy that is being sucked away is YOUR Energy. Consciousness can bring this energy back to a love based frequency or vibration. Please do something about our collective ignorance, by sharing information, such as these websites.

The energy CHOICE: love or fear (fear = lack of love). Either way... it is a choice. And the choice you make has a direct, resonant effect upon the entire planet and the Universe!

One side note: conspiracies do not vanish by ignoring it. Just become aware.

I Belong and I Exist. I AM - Safe I AM - Trust I AM - Courage I AM - Love I AM - Enough I AM - All that is I AM - Aware I AM - An infinitely powerful creator in physical form I AM - Strength. To Be or... Is it still a question for you?

Do you want to know the secret behind the Wizard of Oz?

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